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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Operation Binky Removal

I have had several questions about the bink, the paci, the plug...whatever you call it. :)

When to get rid of it?
My kids are 15 months apart. I try to get rid of it before then. 
I have gone as late as 18 months, but never after that.

How did you get rid of it?
My kids after 1yr only got it at night. So when they woke up it went in a basket.
The day I decided to get rid of it I cut ALL the tips off and put them back in the basket.
When it was time to get the binky for bed my daughters (b/c my son never had one) would go to the basket and discover they were broken! I made THEM throw them out.

I also strategically hid some in the usual spots broken too, so if they were found...in the trash they went.
Sure the girls cried, but I would just remind them that they were broken and that they were in the trash.
It took maybe 2 days of whimpering and then they were gone!

I didn't want my kids to have them after 18 months because I felt like once they got to go to the nursery at church it was time to let it go. They were big kids now. :)

Do you know of other things that have worked?
I know of friends who have just thrown them out and told their kids that they are lost.

I know of people who have mailed their binky's to a new baby in the family.

Things to remember:
Stay strong!  If you decide its time...It's time. Don't give in!

The best time to do it is not during a move, or a big event like a new baby or something like that.

I have a friend who did it the week the new baby came and her toddler resented the new baby and would steal the babies pacifier. I would have done it before, or a while after and convinced the toddler that they were a big kid and didn't need the paci anymore.

As always feel free to email me with any questions and I will answer them as soon as I can! :)


  1. Thanks for answering me - I didn't want to sound like I was pestering.

  2. I always keep binkies as sleep time only as early in their life as possible so they don't walk/crawl around with them in their mouth all day... bad for teeth and speech. I feel very fortunate I've never had to take them away - my kids just lost interest at around 12-14 months (if I remember right). I always gave credit to night-time only for the bink as to why they decided to get rid of it, themselves - that way it's not that much of a habit. I dread having to take one away. I saw on Nanny 911 once, that they gave them to the Binky Fairy and the next day she brought a "big kid prize" as a trade - the kids did great with that on the show, but who knows how much of that is staged, right? ;) All hail the binky! LOL

  3. I've done the Binky Fairy thing three times successfully, all at age 2 1/2.

  4. Then I'll have to keep that in mind with my newest addition, should he be a binky baby longer than my other two. (I always think I have it down then another comes along and throws the rule book right out the window.)

  5. Santa took bottles and pasi from my kids. They wanted a certain toy for Christmas, but Santa told them for them to get the big kid toy they had to give him their pasi and bottle for another lil kid. Worked like a charm.


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