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Monday, July 18, 2011

Scheduling Toddlers/Toddler Tips/Potty Training

We are back from our 17 day road trip to California. Whew!

Potty Training Continued.

1- Make sure your child is ready.
Make sure you are following the right cues. Push it and you will have to start all over.  If they are showing interest - then go ahead and start

2 - Have the right equipment for YOU and your KID.
Potty Seat vs Potty Chair and Underwear.

3. Decide what is going to work for your Child
Sticker Charts, Treats, Rewards, Praise, etc.
4. Poop Training.
Most children are quick to urine train. Its easy fast and not that messy. (depending on the kid) Poop is a lot harder for toddlers. For some kids Bowel Movements feel like they are losing a part of them selves. They are afraid to watch it flush and it is scary for them. For others they are just lazy and would rather do it in their diaper. Another thing is that they don't know when they need to do it until they are squeezing it out.

If you have a child who goes to a certain place to poop or has a certain time they do it - you are one step ahead.  If you notice they are running to their "spot" pick them up in the squatting position and sit them on the potty while the diaper is on. Have them go through the motions of pooping on the toilet WHILE the diaper is on. So they mentally move their "spot" to the bathroom. Then slowly coax them to take it off - over time of course.

My kids have gotten double the candy reward for BMs. This was an incentive that worked for them.

Another thing that has worked for me in the past (with older children) is show them the digestive tract. Explain that the food they eat goes down, gets processed and then the "waste" - "poop" needs to come out.
For analytical children it helps them get the process.
image via google images
Remember that poo takes time. If you need to read a story to them while they take care of business too. Don't rush it.  Even adults have a hard time "getting it out."  If you suspect they might be constipated increase the fluid intake and give them more fiber. It will soften them up and help it slide right out.

Don't get frustrated. This is all part of development.  Just keep going and eventually it will happen. There are worse things in the world than a poop accident. 

Good Luck and as always I hope this helps! This as always is a post to help give you ideas or help with situations. Not a post telling you WHAT to do...because every kid is different! :) 


  1. Also, if they are having a hard time pooping see your doctor. My 2nd had to have medicine, and then once she was on meds she trained super fast because it no longer hurt her.

  2. What I have done with Gavin is wake him up in he middle of the night (or when I get up with the baby to feed her) so he gets used to going during the night if he needed too. He still has an accident once in awhile at night but not very often. I finally took away his diapers at night and nap time because he would wake up and realize they were on so he would go before he got out of bed! Good luck! Oh also I limit his fluid intake before bedtime. I don't let him drink anything but maybe a sip or two an hour before bedtime. I also have him go potty before I put his pajamas on then we brush his teeth etc. then go potty again, even if it is only 5 minutes apart! Hope this helps!
    Potty Training Problems


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