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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Road Trip Games

I was recovering from road trip clean up so excuse last week. :)

Here are some things that I did with my kids to make the 19 hour drive bearable.

1) Every time we stopped for gas I switched car seats around. This gave everyone enough breathing room to stretch relax and when it was time to get back in they had a new perspective on the drive.

2) When we stopped for gas I drew something out of the EXERCISE BAG. I made a bag (like a ziploc) Put 12 different things in it, and when we stopped they had to get that blood flowin!
some examples are : 15 jumping jacks, 10 toe taps, 10 reaches to the sky and then touch the ground, Run around the Yukon 5 times, Sing your favorite song in a whisper, Spin in a circle 4 times, Jump in place while flying like a bird, etc...

3) I was very big on NOT letting them watch movies the ENTIRE trip, so some of the way we listened to a book on tape. We got through half of Indian in the Cupboard. They then "got to" draw pictures of what they were listening to.

4) Snacks. I didn't want them eating or drinking for 19 hours straight so we had special times that we would eat. Our Road Trip Food consisted of:
Trail Mix, Fruit Snacks, Whole Apples, Freeze Dried Yogurt, Dry Cereal like Kix, and the Dora Cereal Stars.  I tried to mix it up on the way back so we didn't have the same food. Licorice, Beef Jerkey Bites, Carrot Sticks, and Pringles.

5) Games. I had a lot stuff prepared and ready to play. Here is one of our favorite games.
I printed 6 and laminated them.
Here is ROAD TRIP BINGO and on the other side I printed CARS BINGO
And instead of making bingo chips - every time someone found a sign they got a starburst.
First one to 10 won a mini crunch bar!

Another Game is HERE we loved "write on the road."  

6) The last thing I did was buy Coloring Books and cut the spine out.(Kinkos will do this for you for $1.50) And then put the sheets in a folder. I bought clip boards from the Dollar Spot at Target and then when they were ready to color they got a sheet on their clip board.

My husband teases me that I over prepared, but we didn't have any crying or unneccessary stopping or even fighting on this whole trip. Which in my book with 4 kids 4 and under is a success!

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