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Friday, July 1, 2011

Pattern Power (2)

So you need to print these puppies out...

Then get to work!
 Leave some blank and then color some clothes pins.
 Then color different patterns on the sheets.
 Then laminate them. If you don't have a laminator these are just as awesome...
Then play!
 Here is my daughter following the pattern.
 Store in a plastic bag. Then in a gallon size.
 Perfect for travel, or in this case church. Sssh!
My son made his own pattern!

We are going on a 20+ hour road trip for the first time next week and I have been working hard on different things to do on the road. I don't want my kids stuck watching movies or playing on their leapsters or any other electronic device the whole time. That isn't the point of a road trip. They are going to enjoy what they see and have fun and talk and learn things...crossing fingers.

We will be gone for 2.5 weeks, so when we get back I will post what worked and what didn't!
Have a safe 4th of July!

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