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Monday, January 3, 2011

Schedule for Toddlers - 1

On Mondays I am going to have tips on what has worked for me with my many kids.  I have received emails about my daily schedule and so I am going to go in order every Monday.  Please comment with anything that you do or don't do or if this has helped you so we all can benefit from everyone's experiences.

I used to nanny so this particular item works on school agers as well.

V - My kids usually get up around 7 and eat right when they wake up.

The Question: What do they do while you make breakfast?

I have a schedule for breakfast.
Shocking I know right?  I try and alternate between hot and cold and grab and go.
So, if I am making eggs (which takes some time) everyone is ...
Practicing their writing.  Its a quiet activity, they are in my line of sight and they are not running around trashing the house.  It is also nice because they aren't watching television and during breakfast we can review what they have done.  This is what my kids get to use in the morning.
They are dry erase, write and wipe workbooks. I bought 8 different ones so each day they get a different one and there is no fighting.  I love this system and even though my almost 2 year old isn't exactly "writing" she is following the routine so when she is actually ready to learn that she knows when we practice.
What has worked for you?  Does this sound like something you might try?
We have been doing it for the past year and now when Daddy makes breakfast on Sunday and forgets he gets an earful from the kids! Haha. 

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  1. This is a GREAT idea!!! My oldest is 18 mo and this will help out big time here very soon!


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