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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Healthy Kids Activities - Teeth #2

Today before we get into what types of teeth there are (that is for tomorrow) we talked about how many teeth we have.  I explained how many there when we are little, and when they fall out how many permenant teeth there will be.  

I let the kids count my teeth, and it tickled but they thought it was so cool.

Then we played a game that involved counting and teeth! :) Well marshmallow teeth :)
Here is the game its called SET OF TEETH
Print your own game and play it with your kids. I would say its for 2 and up. You have to know how to count so if you have an incredibly advanced 1 year old, go ahead and try it!
You need a copy of the game for each player, a die, and marshmallows.
The number you roll is the number of marshies you put on the circle.
If you knew me you would know that my son is more like me and my daughter is like no one else...notice the marshmallow placement.
The first to 32 teeth wins!
Then count how many you can fit into your mouth at one time. 
This step is optional.

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