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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Healthy Kids Activities - Eyes #2

Today we talked more about the eye and how it works.
The little dark circle in the center of each of your eyes lets light in. It is called a pupil. If you are in a dark place where no lights at all are on, can you see anything? No, you can't because our eyes need light to be able to see! Once the light goes in, it hits a part inside at the back of your eye that is very sensitive to light. This part is called the retina. When light touches the retina, it makes an upside-down picture of whatever you are looking at. A large nerve called the optic nerve carries the image to your brain where it gets turned around so that you see it the right way instead of upside-down!

Then we talked about how some people who can't see are called blind.  What does that mean?

How do they read?
Then I went to THIS site and printed the Braille Alphabet.
To make the letters raised like Braille, put a drop of white glue over each black dot. When the glue is dry you will be able to feel the raised dots with your fingers. We also turned it upside down and poked holes so the raised parts were on the top.
Then we went to Old Chicago and asked to see the Braille Menu and we had the kids guess what each item was.
It taught them that even though we look alike all of us are very different inside. There was a girl there in a wheelchair and L asked me if she had broken legs, we then talked about how we need to learn about handicaps! :)

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