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Monday, May 17, 2010

Healthy Kids Activities - Taste #1

Stick your tongue out and look at it in the mirror. Have you ever noticed all the tiny bumps that it is covered in? These are called taste buds and they tell you whether your food is sour, sweet, salty or bitter.
That’s because there are taste buds in different parts of your tongue that can understand all the different tastes. But, that’s not the only job that your tongue does. It also helps us to form words, and is therefore a very important organ in helping us to speak.

I printed out this chart HERE
Then we talked about the different tastes..Salty Sour, Sweet and Bitter.  Since they didn't know what bitter meant that is where we started out!

Bitter.  This one was particularly fun for me.

I grabbed 2 squares of baking chocolate. One unsweetened, one semi-sweet.

I put them on the table and asked the kids what they were.  Of course they knew it was chocolate.
Then we talked about what bitter is, and where it is located on the tongue.  They didn't care they just wanted chocolate, so I chopped it up a bit and let them have at it because they thought they knew it all!
Heh heh heh.
Then it hit them!
Then they finished the semi sweet, hahaha.

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