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Thursday, June 25, 2009


Today we made horns. Some call these kazoos but I have another way to make kazoos, ah another week.

This is what you need...
Wax paper, Construction paper, glue, tape, something sharp (wooden skewer) rubber bands, scissors, and of couple toilet paper tubes.

Let's construct...
First you cute the construction paper the width of the tubes. Then you glue the paper to the tube. For extra hold tape the seam of the construction paper to the tube.

This is my son making sure we did a good job. :) Crazy boy!
Then you poke holes into the tubes, so you can change the sound later. Like a horn.
After that cut the wax paper into a square, and put on the top of the tube. wrap a rubber band around the top and you have a horn! Blow into it for a tooting good time.Here is the finished product. This project was very easy and practically no mess. My son enjoyed the cutting the most. I recommend this to anyone with a toddler running around their house. Happy Monday!
Original Post 8/18/08

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