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Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Tips for working with kids:

Encourage all art projects as a process, not product
activity. What may be a mess to you, could be a
new planet, zoo or the next NASA spacecraft to your
child. Allowing our children to explore on their own,
not only develops creativity but teaches problem solving,
spatial relationships as well as cause and effect.
Skills they'll need later for math and other academics.

Refrain from showing examples of a completed project.
Especially, that which has been completed by an adult.
Provide the supplies and instructions, they'll do the rest.

Resist asking "What is it?"...Instead try
"Tell me about it"

Avoid automatic praise such as "that's beautiful" or
"very good". Asking your young artist how they feel about
their creation and the experience of making it will build
confidence and language arts skills

Easy Cleanup
When working with a group. You may find it easier to rotate a
bucket of warm soapy water, for hand washing, or have
disposable hand wipes available. Provide a clean towel,
or paper towel for drying.

I feel horrible because I can't remember where I got this, but thought it should be shared!

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