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Friday, June 26, 2009

Stained Glass/Sun Catchers

Today I tried Art Group for real! With my kids it is just another day but we invited my friend and her kids over. Their mother is a friend of mine from the Singles Ward and just happens to live down the street from me! I did the project and she brought a snack. After the project they played in the toy room.

This project was fun, but it made me realize that I should do something with paint or glue that involves more things next time. Sticking tissue paper on contact paper wasn't enough to keep them occupied, but it was fun and they look cute.

We are definitely going to do this again, well not the project but have people over for our Tuesday Art Group! I think I am going to do a more complex shape next time, like an animal where specific colors need to go in specific places. Maybe I will do eggs for Easter, that would be so cute!
Original Post 4/14/09

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