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Monday, June 29, 2009

Feet Flowers

After nap we rode our bikes and played outside for about an hour and a half and then came inside to finish this week's Art Project.

Last night we painted wee one's pretty feet and turned them into something...
Then this afternoon we practiced our cutting skills. I like to draw lines on construction paper or old bills and let the kids practice their cutting. It takes them a really long time and they are slowly getting better at cutting in the lines! This is especially great for times when I need them to leave me alone so I can make dinner. Well dinners that require a lot of preparation! :)
Then after the millions of little scraps of paper were cleaned up the kids got to glue them into a collage. This project is simple and fun. With some of the scraps I had my daughter finish our actual project for this Tuesday's Art Project.
Which is...
Feet Flowers! You can also trace their feet and make a bunch of creations, but since wee one is quiet and doesn't make the type of fuss a toddler would make when painting feet she got to be the star of the project! :) Cute huh? Did I mention that she has HUGE feet? :)
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