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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Homemade/Kidmade Flowers - Daffodils 3

Mom or Dad cut an egg carton into cup shapes.
Then paint orange.
Then get all of the other supplies ready.
A Sharpie, Green construction Paper, Yellow Cardstock and tape.
Roll the green paper into tubes and then tape.
Once they are taped cut the tubes into different lengths.
Next, draw a 5 point flower and cut out.
Yes, both kids can cut on the lines! SCORE!
Then glue all the pieces together.  We taped ours and they look CUTE!
Easy fun and cheerful!

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  1. Since your schedule was such a hit, you should do a segment on potty training! That would be awesome and I bet a lot of moms would love it! Quin tells me when he has to poop, but I have no idea when he pees, so we're not attempting it, yet, but it'd be nice to know a few tips when we are ready.


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