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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Handmade/Kidmade Flowers - Tulips 1

I love tulips, they aren't my favorite flowers but I do love them. I especially love that the previous owners of my house planted over 50 bulbs 6 years ago and ever since we moved in (6 years ago) They keep on keepin on!

So lets learn about Tulips. :)

Now the Prang Watercolors I got at the dollar store and I like them better than Crayola's...I will show you why later...
 Start by painting the entire paper.
 Then let dry.  The colors from the crayola set are in the middle.  MUCH more watery looking.
 Then using a thick card stock (I used index cards cut out a leaf shape.
 Have the kids use this as a pattern to trace.
 Sticking out your tongue is not a requirement! LOL
 Then cut out leaf shapes.
 then glue together.
  It is so very fun.
 Ta Da!
 They all look different and pretty...just like the real thing!

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  1. "L"'s hair is looking fabulous if I do say so. Ha Ha!!! I love your little projects!


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