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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Homemade/Kidmade Flowers - Daffodils 1

I just LOOOVE Daffodils don't you?  They are such a cheerful flower. Since we have a ton blooming here around my house I thought we would talk about them...join us in our month of beautiful flowers.

Here is the diagram I found on HOW TO DRAW a daffodil.

So that is what we did today...
 So I printed it out and we went on our way.
 They were so into the drawing and parts of the daffodil.
 Then we painted them.
 We did one color at a time to eliminate mess.
 I drew hers she just wanted to paint, and that's okay.
 Finished products...

 Super fun, cheery and cute! They look great on my wall! :)

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