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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Handmade/Kidmade Flowers - Tulips 2

Whaaaaa? Another Egg Carton Craft? YES!
This is so much fun! I have loved the emails on these flowers.
Okay Parents: cut the cartons like this...
Ignore my nails, I am a nail biter.
yikes, apparently I don't believe in lotion either!
Okay pre-poke the holes with a wooden skewer.
Found these green straws at WM for a buck.
The bendy part of the straw is where the neck of the stem will go.
Now have the kiddos paint the cut cartons.
Both sides, Then let dry.
Then cut tissue paper in 2x2 squares and find a mini muffin liner. This is optional, as I liked it with or without.
Then stack the tissue in the dried cups.
Muffin Liner on the top.
then use the skewer to poke through again.
Then slide the straw right in.

So cute!
Here they are alone.
Here they are in my daffodil pot.

You can find the Daffodil Craft HERE

That's it! Kidmade flowers!

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