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Monday, March 7, 2011

Schedule for Toddlers - 9

On Mondays I am going to have tips on what has worked for me with my many kids.  I have received emails about my daily schedule and so I am going to go in order every Monday.  Please comment with anything that you do or don't do or if this has helped you so we all can benefit from everyone's experiences.

7-8               Breakfast, practicing letters and morning review of the day.
8-9               Morning Task Sheet, get ready basically tidy up and morning chores.
9-10             Free Play w/Mom - No chore time slot...you will be amazed how much your kids will love this!
10-11           Quiet Activities
11-11:30       Clean Up
11:30-12       Lunch
12-12:30       TV/Show
12:30-3:00     Nap/Rest Time 
3-3:30           Snack
3:30-4:00       Read Books
4:00-5:00       Shake Sillies Out

This is our families favorite time of day. Even on days where my husband doesn't go into work - we still love this time of day!  I usually turn up the volume on our favorite CD or Mixed CD or even on the Music Channels.  WE dance like crazy and giggle and laugh.
While this is happening - I am making dinner, singing along (I'll admit it) dancing too! Haha.  I let them just go hog wild! We also love to go to the Library to pick out CDs just for this time of day!

We just recently purchased Just Dance I and II and kids for the Wii. There are several options for kids and Our family sometimes fight over who's turn it is.  But it is all in good fun.
Just Dance [Wii Game]
Just Dance 2 [Wii Game]Just Dance Kids [Wii Game]

This is perfect because my husband gets home between 5-5:15 and dinner is ready by 5:30.  I have plenty of time to prepare dinner and get it in the oven and my kids aren't hanging on me or begging for food (this used to be a problem for me)  They get to pick songs while I am chopping onions and occasionally I will run in and dance with them. :)  

Hope this Helps!

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