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Monday, March 21, 2011

Schedule for Toddlers - 11

On Mondays I am going to have tips on what has worked for me with my many kids.  I have received emails about my daily schedule and so I am going to go in order every Monday.  Please comment with anything that you do or don't do or if this has helped you so we all can benefit from everyone's experiences.

7-8                Breakfast, practicing letters and morning review of the day.
8-9                Morning Task Sheet, get ready basically tidy up and morning chores.
9-10              Free Play w/Mom - No chore time slot...you will be amazed how much your kids will love this!
10-11            Quiet Activities
11-11:30        Clean Up
11:30-12        Lunch
12-12:30       TV/Show
12:30-3:00    Nap/Rest Time 
3-3:30           Snack
3:30-4:00      Read Books
4:00-5:00      Shake Sillies Out
5:00-5:30      Wash Up and Set the Table, Quick Pick Up
5:30-6:15      Dinner

6:15ish - 8pm      Daddy Check List

I am fortunate enough to have a husband who helps.  He used to travel a lot and I would never have a break in my day.  Once he switched jobs and stopped traveling and was home at a reliable time we both decided that he would take the after dinner shift.

He told me it would be easier for him if I had a checklist for him to follow so he wouldn't have to ask me every 5 minutes what is next.  So I made a check list and the kids help him get everything done.  He usually takes this time to play cars or tea party with the kids during this time too.  

We both feel like it is important for the children to get Daddy play time and for him to help in the routine stuff too.  The kids love this time too and it usually involves a lot of laughter.
During this time I usually finish up my stuff - dishes, laundry and all that jazz uninterrupted so when the kids are finally down for the night we get 8-10 to just be together (me and hubster)

If you want a copy of the checklist please email me or leave a comment with your email address and I will sent it PRONTO! well - as close to pronto as possible! :)

hope that helps!


  1. Hi! My name is Chloe and I am an SAHM to a 20 month old and 4 months preg with one on the way.. I came across your blog through a friend of mine.. I def will have your button on my blog!!! Thank you for all the helpful ideas!!

  2. Hi!
    I would love the Daddy Check List! I also sent you an e-mail a few weeks ago for some other information. Let me know if you find it or let me know if you would like me to send it again! Thank you so much!

  3. Sounds like a great idea! I'd love to check it out. THANKS. mekwolfe@yahoo.com

  4. I would love to see it. I am finally starting to put some of this to action and get myself better orgnized and things better planned out. The meal time thing is still another story though. That is probably my biggest challenge. I jst can't seem to like anything I come uo with. I love those websites you posted about though :) I LOVE when they have pictures it makes it so much easier for me to want to make it, and know if I made it right. Thanks for all you do.
    Rachel Eidson

  5. Oh, you are a fabulous mom. I love that you have free play with mom instead of chore time. I'll have to try that. My kids have been getting stuck with too many cartoons lately while I'm cleaning.

    I would also love a copy of your checklist when you get a minute.
    Thank you!!!

  6. I always enjoy your blog! I would love the checklist, too!


  7. I would love that checklist. The end of the day is when I have problems with a schedule. Thank you for all your info!!

  8. ha ha I forgot my email.

  9. You forgot to mention what time you do Toddler Boredom Busters. And when do you take your kids to their respective schools? Or when you host preschool or tot school or whatever you call it, when does that take place? (I follow your other blog, as well.) What about errands? Do you never grocery shop?And all that painting you do. And what about your sewing? Schedules are nice, but reality never ceases. So, they're more like guidelines, right? Maybe you need to add that... Not knockin', just sayin'.

  10. Anonymous -

    I haven't finished my schedule for toddlers. I haven't posted when I do everything else. I wish you would have just said who you are instead of being anonymous since you "know me"

    I have lots more to post about so stay tuned...I am sure you will!

  11. I didn't say I knew you... I said I followed your other blog... There's a difference. Again, i wasn't tryiing to put you down, to each his/her own. It just seems your schedule is a bit ridgid (sp?). I'm curious to see what else your scedule intails.

  12. I would like to have the list!

  13. Passive Agressive COmments piss me off. you know her other blog you know her. don't lie it makes you ugly.

  14. I would love the checklist and any other fabulous tips you have! Thank you SO much.


  15. I would love your checklist please!

  16. I would love a copy of your checklist. We are doing a night with the ladies at our church about managing kids behavior, schedules and routines...an example like yours sounds like it would be great to give/show them. Thanks. hallie_beanz@hotmail.com

  17. I would love your checklist.

    thanks for helping us all to be a little more organized.
    BTW any tips on babies? Mine is 9 months and I haven't ever put him on a consistent schedule thinking it will get easier when he is older, but that is just not so.

  18. I'd also love a copy of your checklist! roberts.elise@gmail.com Thanks!

  19. I would love a copy of your checklist please. My email address buckleys281102@yahoo.co.uk

  20. I'd love a copy of the checklist please! labruzzolaw@gmail.com

  21. Please please please send me the checklist! Thanks!


  22. Can I have a copy, too? I'm curious about what's on it... I think Matt might like something that tells him how to do daddy/kid time. :)

  23. I would like a copy of the checklist too! :) Thanks! wlukes@gmail.com

  24. You have the greatest ideas! I would love a copy of the checklist when you get a chance! jonnysis@hotmail.com
    Thanks !

  25. I would love a copy of your Daddy Checklist.

    Thanks jngatuvai@gmail.com

  26. I would love a copy of your Daddy Checklist too! Any list you think that would be good for me to have just send it on over! Lol. Thanks girl!

    penguinlover_23 at yahoo dot com

  27. I would love to have a copy of the checklist.

  28. PLEASE send us a copy of your Daddy check list-your scheduling posts are helping us stay sane :) showardspitz@gmail.com

  29. I would love a copy of all of your printables and checklists! Thanks for the blog...it is inspiring and extremely helpful: embrywiltberger@yahoo.com

  30. Thanks for your great blog! I can't wait to use some of your great ideas/tips. Please forward the checklist to Orlyhenkin@gmail.com. Thanks!!!!

  31. I just found your blog, and would love the checklist! I am a nanny of a 13.5 month old and her parents and I are starting to work on more of a schedule together and I think the schedule you have will be really helpful! Thanks! Brij53@gmail.com

  32. Checklists please! just found the site tonight. love all the diy activities that don't cost a ton


  33. Checklist please... lynziebaby@yahoo.com

  34. Please send your Daddy check list!

  35. I would love a copy of your Daddy checklist. It sounds like something great to have. I was reading this to my husband and he says, "What does the checklist consist of..." so I would love to show him.

    1. This is my e-mail address: JoharyMart@aol.com.

  36. Hey Val, I know you're a busy gal but could I get a copy of the Daddy checklist? Bramberdon at gmail dot com. Thanks : ) Hope everything is going well for you! : )

  37. Hi! I'd love and appreciate a copy of the daddy checklist. Great ideas, thanks!

  38. I would like a copy of the Daddy Checklist too please. rosa.krattli@gmail.com

  39. I would like a copy of the Daddy Checklist too please. rosa.krattli@gmail.com

  40. What in the heck is your husband doing walking on the kids in the second picture? Love the pensive look on the little girl about to get stepped on. Thanks so much for the great information!

  41. I love you blog! Can you email me your Daddy checklist and all printables? I just had my second baby and really NEED to get a schedule going! My email address is: brittersbrown22@hotmail.com. Thank you so much!!! And thank you for taking the time to do this blog! -Brittany


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