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Monday, March 14, 2011

Schedule for Toddlers - 10

On Mondays I am going to have tips on what has worked for me with my many kids.  I have received emails about my daily schedule and so I am going to go in order every Monday.  Please comment with anything that you do or don't do or if this has helped you so we all can benefit from everyone's experiences.

7-8                Breakfast, practicing letters and morning review of the day.
8-9                Morning Task Sheet, get ready basically tidy up and morning chores.
9-10              Free Play w/Mom - No chore time slot...you will be amazed how much your kids will love this!
10-11            Quiet Activities
11-11:30        Clean Up
11:30-12        Lunch
12-12:30       TV/Show
12:30-3:00    Nap/Rest Time 
3-3:30           Snack
3:30-4:00      Read Books
4:00-5:00      Shake Sillies Out

5:00-5:30      Wash Up and Set the Table, quick pick up

5:30-6:15      Dinner

I usually have my kids wash their hands, help set up the table and do a quick sweep of the house before Daddy comes home.  For quick pick up time I usually set the timer for a random number like 9 minutes and then they have until then to pick up the house, whether its in the bathrooms or the stairs or the toy room they have 9 minutes or whatever the time we decide to clean up.  This helps me with finishing touches on dinner so I am not stressed out.  Sometimes my husband will walk in and join them in the cleaning fun. 

Dinner - I usually plan my menu a month in advance.  I only go grocery shopping 2x a month.  When I plan dinners I usually plan the fresh produce stuff on the week that I just shopped and the frozen canned stuff on the week I didn't go out.  Ex. Week 1 and 3 - is a shopping week so we eat salads or fresh fruits with dinner. On Week 2 and 4 we have frozen corn for dinner and stuff like yogurt for snacks or sides.

I use a lot of websites for inspiration and here are a few...
http://notboxed.blogspot.com/ - this one is stuff I have tried and liked...its my personal food blog.

what websites do you use for inspiration?  Hope this helps!


  1. Thank you for sharing this :) I love the shopping 2x a month idea, and mixing it up with eating fresh one week, frozen and canned another. I really need to try to get better at dinner time. Currently we are in the look at the clock, see it is time to eat, throw something together and eat mode.
    Anyother tips for the monthly meal planning? Do you plan all 3 meals for a month in advance or just dinners?
    Thank you I LOVE this blog, and so wish Levi was in your totschool.

  2. I plan EVERYTHING a month ahead.
    even snacks!

  3. WOW! You are super organized. If you happen to have any of them saved on the computer I would love to see a couple to help my brain trigger it's creativity. I am so bad at planning ahead esp snacks, I cant think of any until I am hungry. My email is r.pear@yahoo.com but if you don't have them don't worry about that. I will get this schedule and planning thing down eventually right?!?


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