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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Follow and Balance

Here is what you need:

Masking Tape, Dice and Rules!

Here are my rules: 1 - Hop, 3 - Tip Toe, 5 - Walk ... 2,4,6 - OUT
 Tape a totally random pattern to the carpet and then roll the dice...
 We played two different ways. The roller was the leader and everyone followed the leader.
 Then we played where everyone rolled and then did their own rule at the same time.
So one hopped and one tip toed...etc.
Then I let them decide what each roll was going to be.  Some examples were clap, one foot, crawl.

It was a fun 30 minutes of fun and something to do inside since it was snowing this morning. And yes, I am fully aware that my kids are in shorts. Haha.

Happy taping!  PS save it for another activity I will post tomorrow AND Thursday...thats right!

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