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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Watermelon Seed Spitting Contest

We had some friends over while their parents were closing on their new house.

Something on our summer TO-Do list is have a watermelon seed spitting contest!

So first you need WATERMELON!
 Then you eat some! We talked about the seeds and how some are white and some are black and what each kind means.
 Then we tried them with salt.
 Now the 2 lonely seeds at the bottom are the only ACTUAL seeds in the seedless watermelon, so I used raisins to simulate "seeds"
Then we got technical.
 Then we spit!
 go go go!
 You can do it!
 Then we measured and recorded on our chart.
 Eat some more and do it again!
 here is how we marked too.
It was a fun morning and the kids used math to figure out who went the farthest!

Try it on a hot summer day. It totally beats sitting in front of the TV!

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