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Monday, June 13, 2011

Scheduling Toddlers/Toddler Tips/Potty Training

Potty Training Continued.

1- Make sure your child is ready.
Adding to what I wrote last week - make sure you are following the right cues. Push it and you will have to start all over.  If they are showing interest - then go ahead and start.

2 - Have the right equipment for YOU and your KID.
I am not a pull up person.  I don't suggest them either.  If they work for you that is great - but - I don't find them useful AT ALL. This isn't a debate or a forum for you to bash my thoughts or opinions.  In my experiences a pull up is no different that a diaper to most kids.  If a kid has an accident it is contained in the pull up. For me and the kids I have trained they need to feel it like you would if wearing underwear.

Potty Chair vs Potty Seat.

I don't use a potty chair, because I have had experiences where the kid will ONLY use the little chair and the transition to the "big toilets" is scary.  Plus cleaning it out grosses me out. :)  I buy a potty seat and a stool and teach them how to get up and get on all by themselves BEFORE I even get into doing their "business" in the toilet. 

I also have them practice over and over pulling down and getting up and getting on, pulling everything back up and closing the lid and flushing the toilet and washing their hands too. (Think Karate Kid and the water drip thing)

To me going through the motions is better because when the time is right - they know what to do. Having them sit on a potty in front of a TV or something else is not potty training. They need to know what to do when the urge comes - which is RUN(jk) to the bathroom pull down your pants, get on the potty and go.  *Wipe* and then pull everything up, lid down, flush and wash those hands.

Ultimately you need to do what is going to work for you. You need to devote sometime to actually potty train and make sure you have what is going to work for you. For me the potty seat is better because I never have to transition to "big potties" and stores and other places are not scary since they only know how to use the "big ones."  

Good Luck and as always I hope this helps! This as always is a post to help give you ideas or help with situations. Not a post telling you WHAT to do...because every kid is different! :)


  1. For some reason gmail won't keep me logged in so I can post comments on a blog - but I wanted to say thanks for the tips on potty training, so far. :) I was right on with the first post, but the second one helped me with the potty chair vs. potty seat debate going on in my head. Potty seat, it is. ;) And I like that you go through the motions with them before they even start pottying, that's a good idea

  2. So in with your experience do you have any tips to getting a deep sleeper who doesn't wake up when they need to go to sleeping through the night and staying dry?

  3. Now how do I start? Can you just write me a manual?

  4. Hi! Thanks for your great site! I noticed in the picture you have a chart - do you have one you could share, or one you recommend?


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