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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Math Ring Toss

We had some friends over for some fun.  First we painted paper plates...

I asked them to paint the bumpy outer rim, but they ended up painting the whole plate...oh well.
Once I blowdried them dry I cut the centers out.
While the popcorn was popping I made the stands.
I cut a wrapping paper tube into 3 unequal sizes so there would be a challenge. You could cut them all the same size, or use paper towel tubes...there is no right or wrong way here.
Then you cut them and tape them on a unpainted plate.

Then I grabbed the popcorn and headed out to the jungle. I mean the front yard. 
I chose to do math problems. If it landed on 5-2 they got 3 pieces of popcorn.
If they landed on 2+2 they got 4 pieces of popcorn.

If you are going to do this with younger kids just write the number or draw the number with shapes like 4 squares to determine how many pieces of popcorn they get.
The kids had a blast and then went crazy and took over the popcorn bowl.
Something fun for the summer that still requires some brains to do! Hahaha.

Try it! Its cheap and fun but most importantly educational!

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