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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A Shamrock Snack

So for Green Week which just happens to fall on St. Patrick's Week we decided to make Shamrock Snacks.

Here is what you need:
Almond Bark, Green Sprinkles, Pretzel Twists and Pretzel Sticks and Wax Paper.
You also need some kids who just woke up from nap who are hungry.
So arrange the pretzels to look like a shamrock.  I let them figure it out for a few minutes so they could follow the pattern I had made.
Heat 1 cube of the Almond Bark at a time, until it is melted, then dollop into the center of the pretzels.  Let them sprinkle on the green stuff but be careful because the almond bark is still hot!
This is a better picture of it.
This is what it should look like.
Then let the kids go play and arrange the two sides to lay on top of the stick...to make it 3D and so they are sticking to the pretzel not the bark...
Sorry for the brightness in this picture but you can see what I mean in this picture how they are all layered on top of the stick...
Mmmm, let's eat!  Yes my son is wearing shorts and a long sleeved shirt...it was 55 and hello its Colorado.  Oh and my typical 2nd born there in the middle, broke all of the pieces so she could eat "the bits" this is how she prefers to eat everything...broken.  Lastly we were eating while the kids were walking home from school so that explains L on the end looking in the distance. :P

We made 2 dozen of these, with 2 squares of bark.


  1. Bridget looks ticked! I love it! Mmmm! Chocolate covered pretzels sound delish!!

  2. I did these with my niece and nephew. It was lots of fun. We started with the sprinkles, but then I colored the chocolate with green powdered coloring, made for chocolate. I used smaller pretzels, too. It was cute when my 4-year old niece made a butterfly. Unfortunately I forgot to take a picture of it. She put two pretzels along each side of the pretzel stick to make the wings and then she broke a stick in half and put them at the top of the other stick to make the antanea (or however you spell that).

    Thanks for this blog. I just discovered it and it is great! I am a nanny for 4-5 children and this is a fabulous site for me!


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