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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Old MacDonald

So I found these in a book, and copied them and colored them.  I have written to the Author and Illustrator and they said I can't scan them in for you but if you email me I can send them to you that way.
I then covered them in packing tape and hot glued sticks to the back.
Then we sang the song.
It was fun.
Then they played themselves.
This is how I store them.
I bought these for 33 cents at Target on clearance and then put them in a notebook for the kids to flip through and decide what they want to play with.

If you want a copy email me at valeriewitte@yahoo.com I will send them right away.


  1. I love that storage idea! I have a few things I use ziplocs for or manilla folders, but that is a neat idea to keep them in a binder - gonna have to try that! (Scarlet looks so much like Lucas in these pics! Definitely Nathan's kids!)

  2. I was totally a physical witness to this boredom buster. These kids are real. There's nothing fake about this! This woman is the real deal!!


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