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Monday, March 15, 2010

Shamrock Prints

GREEN WEEK! Before I start what we did I wanted to say how much I LOVED the 59 emails about the Old MacDonald Set!  If you try anything or want me to do a specific theme, or need help let me know I would love to help in anyway possible!

Okay -

So hunt down some Toilet Paper Tubes...in our house we have a box of these just dying to be used.  You need to cut them in half so you have 2 tubes...then bend them in hald...invert the one side to make a heart.
Then get some cute kids to stamp different shades of green.
I would like to add that the cute girl to the right...the one I gave birth to - decided to potty train herself in 3 days!  She is 2.4 years old and fully - I mean fully - through the night trained as of today!  WAHOO!
Okay on to the project because no one likes a bragger.
Let it dry a tad and add some white  prints to it.  Add some background and a title and there it is...
It looks great on my art wall huh?

We talked about how cool shamrocks are and my husband showed the kids the 4 leaf clover he found on a camping trip he went on 1 week before meeting me.  He also likes to add that if he didn't find that clover he wouldn't have been "lucky" enough to get me.

I like to add that when he met me...I didn't like him...so the 4 leaf clover luck thing is crap.

He then finishes with...well he kept that 4 leaf clover and because his wish was to marry a beautiful girl...it worked.

I then roll my eyes a little and laugh, because the cheesefest needs to end somewhere.

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