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Monday, January 25, 2010

Pink Lunch

It was time for a color lunch so A chose PINK!  I am not going to lie...this was a challenge but we did it!

So we had a oh so nutritious lunch consisting of...Strawberry Whoppers, Strawberry yogurt, Pink Grapefruit, Pink Animal Crackers, Pocky and Canadian Bacon.  I supplemented this lunch with sandwiches on the side because there was no real substance to this meal but they had fun tasting everything!

Especially the Grapefruit! YIKES!
We then made a color chart and put the different things in order from light to dark.  This was really fun!

Then we ate some more and called it an afternoon!


  1. I love tin dinners!!! aren't they so fun! You make it look exciting!, too bad I wasn't there, I would have eaten their grapefruit!

  2. Totally cool idea. We did an Orange Lunch a few months ago - carrots, oranges, cheese and cheetos! I think we will try it again - maybe blue or green?

  3. I love all of your color lunch ideas - not only does it introduce colors but it helps introduce different foods and textures. Very cool. Haven't tried it, yet, but I plan to when the little one is a bit bigger. And, actually, this summer when my other two hoodlums are home, we might make lunch more exciting by letting them pick what color and what things to go with it, just so the skinny one will eat. lol :)


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