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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Pilgrim Hats (both genders)

Here is what you need:

2 pieces of black, 1 piece of white, a scrap of yellow, a stapler, glue stick and yarn.


Cut the typical shape, with a buckle and a white strip. Glue pieces together, then cut remaining piece of paper into 2 think strips (there will be extra.) Measure the boys head and staple around it, then staple the ring to the hat, glue extra strip to the hat to cover the staples.


With the white paper, fold down 2 inches of the paper and then cute two places on the opposite end.  Punch 2 holes behind the flap.  Bend the 3 squares behind the flap and string the yarn through the holes and attach to the girls head.

We read a few books about the pilgrims today...here they are:

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  1. I tried your Thanksgiving hats at our toddler art time. We had children from the ages 20 months- 2years old participate in the project. They were better at wearing the items than the actual construction, but us moms loved it.


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