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Monday, November 23, 2009


My son has been able to write his whole name since he was 2.8 years old.  He is 3.5 now.  He is trying to work on his last name which is great.  Here is a website we have been using and we love it.

We also love this raised letter paper:

My daughter is determined to write her own name too, but she just turned 2 a week ago, so it will take some time. :)
We started with learning and mastering each letter in his name for a week, and then wrote them all together.

My 8.5 month old is getting in on the fun too!
I will be posting tomorrow and that is it for the week.  I am hosting Thanksgiving this year and we are having 24 people in my house and that means I will be VERY busy!  See ya next week have a lovely holiday!

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