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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Fist Ladybugs

Today we embraced what little sun we had and read a few books outside on the porch.  The above 2 were our favorites and K actually had the left one in his backpack!  Lucky us! So here's what we did...

We sang this cute little tune that is to the same tune as 5 little pumpkins...
Five little ladybugs, climbing on some plants,
Eating the aphids, but not the ants!
The first one said: "Save some aphids for me!"
The second one said: "These are tasty as can be!"
The third one said: "Oh, they're almost gone!"
The fourth one said: "Then it's time to move on!
The fifth one said: "Come on, let's fly!"
So they opened their wings and flew through the sky.

Then we got to work!  Paint the side of the fist like so... 

Make five of each side then you wash the hand with a wipe and connect them with the other fist, making 5 heart shapes.

While those are drying, find ugly scraps of paper and cut them into grass, I was really lucky and found this hideous piece of scrapbook paper that looked like clouds and it totally worked for this craft.  That just goes to show you NEVER throw anything out.  (my husband just rolled his eyes reading that) :)

So here we are gluing grass on the aforementioned paper...

See what I mean hi-de-ous!
While the kiddos were doing that I freehanded and cut some bodies.

My son glued all of the bodies to the hearts.

He is nice like that.
Then we glued the spotless ladybugs to the grass.

I meant punched them to the grass.
Then it was time for the spots.  I used infant Q-Tips and let them make the spots. While they were drying and the kids were eating pineapples I did the antennae.

And voila! 

I know SUPER cute right? Go on, grab a kid and do one today!
(Preferably your own kid)

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  1. So super cute! I'm going to have to hit the library for these books and rummage through my own scrapbook paper.


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