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Monday, October 8, 2012

Easy Science : Bubble Making

Kids love making stuff, especially if its cool, and something that they know you have bought before but can make yourself!

 Coat Hangers, Straws, Joy, Glycerin, measuring cups, large container (to put everything in) and smallish container (i used mini pie tins)

Coat hangers are for making wands:

Straws are for wands too!

Mix 2/3 cup Joy, with 1/3 cup glycerin, and 1 QT water.

See how those Hospital Jugs come in handy? :)
We also use them for the bathtub. :)

Ready, Set, Blow!

 I couldn't help myself!

PS - these are not edible!

 oh dear!

These stay good for one week in the fridge!
Have fun!

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