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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Date Night : Picnic Dinner at the Lake

My kids always get jealous when we have our date nights. 
They love their sitter, but love to go out too!

Each kid in our house gets one night a month with Daddy to go somewhere special.
The next month it is a night with Mommy.

We do silly things like go out for an ice cream cone, or ride bikes, or play a game.
This was one of our family resolutions to strengthen our relationships with each other.
So far it has been EXCELLENT!

Tonight's Family Fun Activity was a Family Date!

We packed sandwiches and went to the lake.

It was so nice to be "unplugged."
We enjoyed listening to the sounds of the outdoors.
 Then my husband took the kids to the other side of the lake to teach them how to skip rocks.

Quiet, Fun, Peaceful.
Just what the family needed.

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