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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Crayon Resist Easter Bunting - KIDMADE!

I love crayon resist-anything. I decided to go the extra mile on this one so it would last longer.

My daughter had a friend over so it was time to do a fun art project.

I am a watercolor fanatic and Prang makes the best ones. 
This isn't a commercial, I truly love Prang better than Crayola when it comes to the Watercolors.
They are thicker and have more options. We used glitter and metallic.

I also grabbed some cardstock, yarn, and some cookie cutters.

First have the kids color with the Pastels/Oil Crayons.
They have such a smooth feel.

Then let them watercolor right over it. The more color, the better. I prefer the randomness.

After it is semi-dry trace some easter cookie cutters!

They can trace and cut if you want, but I wanted it to look more uniform, so I did it.

If I had older kids with me I would have had them do it all themselves.  The plus of me doing it ensured that I got the most out of each paper. :)

After that I added string and cut out with my cricut the easter letters.

There is something about kid-made easter decor. So perfectly cute.

Our little Art friend didn't have enough painted square footage to get a full banner, so we just did her first initial.

from what I am told...she loved it so much, she hardly put it down. :)

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