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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Quiet Activity - Bracelet Making

As promised, no more fuzzy ball activities - but they may come back! ;)

Here is what you need for this activity: Pipe Cleaners, Straws, and a pair of scissors.

Take the scissors and cut the straws into several different sizes. I had the kids do this.
Use the pipe cleaner to be the string for the bracelet.

Hook one end, although you don't need to because the fuzz on the pipe cleaner prevents sliding.

Then go to town and string your straw beads!

Wrap the end around the hook and make a bracelet.

Perfect for birthday parties, friends on a play date, Friendship bracelets...the possibilities are as endless as your supply!

This can also be done with string and straw beads!

Something fun and easy and quiet! 

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