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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A note

Our family is going through something right now and I need to take a break from this blog.  
It will only be for a short time and then I can fill ya'll in. 

If you are the praying kind, our family could really use a little extra love right now.
If your not just think good thoughts.

thanks for following and I will keep you posted. be back in a week or so. 

Thanks for the emails and love we have already received. :)


  1. I hope all is ok! I will keep you in our prayers!

  2. Stay strong.... This 2 shall pass...

  3. I just read through some of your summertime fun and I loved it! Just my kind of stuff :). Please add me to your email list when you get going again. I'm a 57 yr old "nana" and a retired teacher. I have my little kiddies A LOT. I will pray that whatever your difficult situation, God will use it for good. Take care. Looks like you have a bunch of smiling kiddoes around. Peace


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