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Monday, February 21, 2011

Schedule for Toddlers - 7

On Mondays I am going to have tips on what has worked for me with my many kids.  I have received emails about my daily schedule and so I am going to go in order every Monday.  Please comment with anything that you do or don't do or if this has helped you so we all can benefit from everyone's experiences.

7-8               Breakfast, practicing letters and morning review of the day.
8-9               Morning Task Sheet, get ready basically tidy up and morning chores.
9-10             Free Play w/Mom - No chore time slot...you will be amazed how much your kids will love this!
10-11           Quiet Activities
11-11:30       Clean Up
11:30-12       Lunch
12-12:30       TV/Show
12:30-3:00     Nap/Rest Time 
3-3:30           Snack

3 - 3:30 Snack

I usually do snack based on the weekly theme or on what they ate for lunch. So if they had yogurt for lunch I probably won't give them cheese or dairy again for snack.  I have a bunch of fun snack ideas on my labels HERE its under Food.

I try and make snack something quick.  It rarely takes 30 minutes to eat but depending on wake up time I usually give myself 30 minutes....while they are eating snack I start to prep dinner.  If that is chop veggies or thaw meat or organize what I am making.  I like to use this time since I am already in the kitchen to get my brain thinking on dinner and what needs to get done.  Sometimes I will even have the kids clean the table and floors if my prep takes longer than expected so we are all in the kitchen together.

Hope this helps!

Oh and for those wondering I had my 4th kid last Wednesday!
She is adorable and a perfect little addition to our family.  Stay tuned because she will be in some upcoming projects! :)


  1. Congrats on the birth of your daughter! Love your site, but have not tried any of the craft ideas yet. Thanks for your wonderful information!

  2. Congratulations! Just came across your blog here and can't wait to try some new things! I have a toddler and a 4 month old! I am interested to learn more about "quiet time!"


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