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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Toddler Santa Advent Calendar

A repost from Dec 1, 2010

This is from my son's school but my daughter insisted on having one of her own.

First we played with the cotton balls. It was fun to feel them on our faces and eyes and throw them and just get our hands on them. I put the left overs in the sensory tub for winter. :)

 Once we were done playing we colored Santa faces.
Then we glued a basic hat on and I explained how the advent calendar works.
Every day (today is the 1st) you add a cotton ball to Santa's beard. Once the beard is filled its Christmas!
Everyone was so excited by this.  If you want the beard chart leave a comment HERE with your email address and I will send you the doc right away!

Easy Toddler Christmas idea... voile!


  1. Please email me the chart!

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  3. I would love this chart. Sweetangelxxo@gmail.com thank you for this great idea;)

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  5. I would love the chart pls. wkellie0278@gmail.com

  6. great idea! Thanks! heatherfarmer@hotmail.com


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