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Monday, April 2, 2012

Soap Clouds

A fun experiment, for, you know, when you need to wow your kids!

You need a bar of Ivory Soap.
Not Dove, not generic, not caress, IVORY.

Like this...
 don't do anything to it. just pop it in the microwave for 2 minutes.
 It grows and grows and grows and grows. It starts to change around 20 seconds.
 I let the kids play with it. 
It looks so fluffy and fun huh? It doesn't FEEL fluffy. You need to try it!
They tore it, and smashed it, and then put it nicely in a bowl for tomorrow's experiment. 
I have 4 posts in this series for you to do. So, you can buy a 3 pack like I did. :P 
Didn't any of you do this in Middle School? So fun!

PS - 1 bar is only .88 cents at W.
Worth it for good "clean" fun!

This was one of our Spring Break Activities. Try it!


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    1. yah, I'm so sure you checked out this (excellent) website, you spammerspastic.

  2. We need to try this! I keep forgetting about it so thanks for the reminder. I'm going to add this to our list of activities for the week.

  3. Weird. I had no idea a bar of soap could do that.

  4. We did this today. It was great until I opened the microwave and my son smelled the soap. I guess he doesn't like the smell of Ivory soap. :)

  5. This looks like so much fun! Will definitely give it a try

  6. I tried this today on a microwave safe plate and it broke my plate. Not sure what the issue was but just thought I would share for others to beware.

  7. My kids LOVED doing this! We tried it this past Friday (today's Wednesday... well, late Wednesday, early Thursday). We saved the soap cloud in a bowl, because we didn't know if we were going to need it again later? Also, I've been watching with baited breath (not really, but definitely with enthusiasm!) to see what other activities you have planned for the Ivory soap. Thanks for a fun activity!!!

  8. Makes you wonder what's in this soap, I wouldn't use it after seeing this :-)


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